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​​Career Path

​Rose Walker, Career Coach

​Rose business career has been over 30 years as a Banker and Mortgage Banker for 10 years, the Writing Industry for 20 years and the Coaching Field for 2 years. She has been an Entrepreneur for 11 years out of the span of 30 years owning: Jones & Walker Associates a mortage consulting firm for 2 years, Writing4Success a public relations and marketing firm for writers for 6 years, Rose Walker Writing Consultants, a consultant company for writers for 2 years and currently the owner of Relationship Empowement Group for over a year. She has been a manager, trainer and consultant for over 10 years and currently she does career coaching with clients to work with them to pursuit, build and maintain their careers.

​​Career Coaching

​Your career path is the path you take in life for the profession you train for and undertake as your permanent calling. There are steps and stages in a career you must achieve to become successful. Working with a career coach is the support you need to make decisions about your career development and to meet your career goals. Coaching will allow you to do the steps you need to take to achieve all your career objectives..

We have three areas we focus on with clients in their careers:
​                                        ​Building 
​                                   Maintaining
​                                   Changing
​We also work with clients on starting a brand new career, whether you are a college graduate or you are in a place in your life where you want to reinvent yourself with a brand new career.
Being an Entrepreneur is part of the career path also. Creating and starting your own business is the major ultimate goal anyone can accomplish in their career. Becoming an entrepreneur and being successful at it is not easy. It takes hard work and persistance to make it happen. We can coach you on how to start your business, set your business goals and maintain your business.
​Your career is a relationship in your life that you have to build and nurture in order for it to be a success. Like any other relationship that can come to an end, your career season can be over also and you have to walk away to find the next career that's right for you. To walk away and change careers can be a challenge, but with our coaching services we will work with you to discover and develop your next career to fulfill your career dreams.

​Relationship Empowerment Group is a career coaching service that can guide you through all your career paths for you to attain all of your career desires. Our goal is to provide consecutive progressive achievement in your business life for you to become the professional in the field of your choice.